Digital guest experience platform Paytronix Systems has launched a new mobile offering called Paytronix Contactless Dining for restaurants.

Restaurants can use the new solution to offer a true touchless experience to guests from a selection of menu through ordering and payments without the need for physical interaction.

Additionally, using Paytronix Contactless Dining guests can order multiple courses electronically, open tabs for drinks and finalise the experience by making a single payment.

Paytronix CEO Andrew Robbins said: “Paytronix Contactless Dining offers table-service restaurants a dine-in solution that helps them offer a touchless guest-friendly restaurant experience.

“The payment experience is on the guest’s terms when they are ready to leave and we keep payment transaction costs low with a single transaction covering both the tab and the tip.”

Contactless Dining is built on a mobile web platform and has been designed to address the challenges faced by the restaurant industry in a post-pandemic world.

It connects directly into the point-of-sale (POS) system of the restaurant and enables customers to view menus, order courses and have food delivered directly to their table with the help of their mobile device.

Furthermore, Contactless Dining enables guests to open tabs and place orders in a similar flow to the pre-Covid-19 dining experience.

They can also order drinks, entrees and desserts, and make special requests.

Contactless Dining development head Tim Ridgely said: “When it comes to on-premises dining, guests want the freedom to peruse a menu, order what they want when they want it, open tabs, and ultimately, pay for that experience at the end.”

In addition, the intuitive interface offered by Contactless Dining provides multiple options to restaurants to identify table locations, including manual customer entry and scannable QR codes.

Guests can have complete control over their payment options as the solution integrates with Apple Pay.