US-based restaurant technology company PoppinPay has introduced a Square integrated online ordering solution.

The technology, which integrates into Square-backed online point of sale solutions, has been designed to address the issues related to online ordering such as missed orders, for restaurants.

PoppinPay CEO Ronnie Baroud said: “Customers can be finicky, and if you can’t offer them a way to order your food in a way that they want, they’re likely to go elsewhere.

“One of the most common requests we received from our clients after we released our mobile order ahead app was, ‘When can I do the same thing, but online?’ Today, we have an answer.”

In addition to providing an omnichannel experience to customers, the PoppinPay’s new service allows restaurant management to modify and brand the ordering system.

It will also allow the management to feature multiple locations in one place to allow customers to pick the closest location.

PoppinPay claims that the Square-integrated online solution is the latest in hospitality industry innovation.

Initially, the company launched a white-label mobile app solution last year which allowed small restaurants to create their own ordering apps.

It noted that third-party ordering platforms cut into profits and are expected to impact a restaurant’s future business.

Established in 2017, PoppinPay launched a mobile order-ahead solution early last year. The solution was integrated with Square’s POS for Android and Apple.

The firm, which serves customers across the US, is focusing on increasing its international base.

The PoppinPay’s white-label solutions have been designed to help increase sales for restaurants by improving functionality.