California-based restaurant management software developer Restaurant365 has introduced its new business intelligence (BI) tool R365 Intelligence.

The tool aims to help restaurant operators track their performance across disparate platforms.

It also helps restaurant operators integrate data from various technologies, including self-ordering kiosks, IoT devices, artificial intelligence (AI), voice technology and chatbots, with data coming from Restaurant365 real-time reports and dashboards.

R365 Intelligence’s BI capabilities are claimed to help operators optimise their productivity and profitability for both front and back-of-house.

The tool has features that simplify metrics tracking, such as sales per labour hour and entrees per labour hour.

This is said to enable operators to identify trends and make informed decisions about pricing, menu and staffing levels.

The new tool also has visualisation capabilities to allow operators to benchmark performances across their restaurant locations, concepts or among internal teams.

Metrics that have been difficult to measure, compare or draw insight from can now be viewed in dashboards.

The operators can also know which stores and teams are performing better and which need improvement.

Restaurant365 CEO and co-founder Tony Smith said: “Easing pain points within the restaurant industry has always been at the core of Restaurant365’s mission. Recent advancements in technology are transforming our industry, but scattered data sets create a gap in reporting needed by operators to make revenue-boosting decisions.

“R365 Intelligence is designed to fill that gap by enabling operators to easily combine various data sources for robust real-time BI reports and dashboards.”