Foodservice industry association Restaurants Canada has partnered with cyber security solution provider Cyberisk Chek to counter threats against foodservice operators.

As part of the deal, Cyberisk will provide a new online analysis tool to help Restaurants Canada members defend themselves against online threats to their customers and operations.

Restaurants Canada operations vice-president Troy Taylor said: “Our industry processes billions in credit card transactions annually, and these everyday interactions are a magnet for cyber criminals.

“They know that many foodservice operations do not have the necessary levels of preparedness to defend against an attack. And as businesses respond to increasing demand for more customer-facing technology, they are increasing their risk points and need to protect themselves accordingly.”

“Assessing their level of preparedness for a breach is the first step to understanding what to do next.”

According to Restaurants Canada, more than 70% of cyber attackers are targeting small businesses with less than 100 employees, while 60% of small to medium-sized Canadian-based businesses in the industry are going out of business within six months of a cyber-attack.

The online analysis tool offers businesses a detailed assessment of their current cyber security risks, as well as a step-by-step action plan to resolve any issues.

Taylor added: “Assessing their level of preparedness for a breach is the first step to understanding what to do next.

“Restaurants Canada is proud to play a leading role with Cyberisk Chek to provide foodservice operators with tools to understand their vulnerabilities so they can outmanoeuvre attackers and safeguard the trust of their customers.”

Restaurants Canada has more than 30,000 foodservice businesses such as restaurants, bars, caterers, institutions and suppliers in its network.