Restaurant Revolution Technologies (Revolution) has partnered with technology company DoorDash to help streamline online ordering for restaurants.

As part of the partnership, Revolution’s off-premise omni-channel ordering platform will be integrated with catering and fulfilment service, DoorDash Drive, to offer an ‘efficient’ online ordering experience to its customers.

Capable of being incorporated directly into multiple point of sale (POS) systems, Order One is designed to capture and submit takeout and delivery orders that are placed by phone, website, mobile or chat.

Once ready, the order is collected by a DoorDash Drive driver from participating restaurants to deliver directly to the customer.

“Our restaurant partners will be able to streamline the entire delivery process with Order One, resulting in an efficient and premium experience.”

Revolution CEO Brad Duea said: “For many restaurants, the delivery market is either untapped or a phenomenal growth area that comes with operational hurdles.

“Current out-of-house delivery options require additional tablets and dedicated team members to accept delivery orders and re-enter them into the restaurant’s POS system.

“With our integration with Drive, our restaurant partners will be able to streamline the entire delivery process with Order One sending delivery orders direct to their POS without the need to transfer orders from tablets, resulting in an efficient and premium experience.

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“Order One will also capture customer order history so customers can simply and easily reorder from any channel.”

Revolution said that new restaurant partners will be added throughout this year under the partnership.

Founded in 2013, DoorDash connects customers with local and national restaurants in more than 600 cities across the US and Canada.