Seafood restaurant chain SEA Crab House is set to launch its new location in Bellevue, Washington State, US, in June 2023.

The Bellevue location is the third of the four launches planned across the US for 2023. The fourth location is planned for opening in Boise, Idaho, in December.

The restaurant serves dishes such as shrimp cocktails, shrimp stuffed avocado, codfish street tacos, shrimp avocado corn salad, lobster rolls, Dungeness crab rolls, butterflied prawns and more.

SEA Crab House founder and CEO Patta Lorwatcharasophon said: “Seattle is going to be our biggest location, not just in square footage but also because of its proximity to Seattle’s professional sports stadiums. But we are projecting that Bellevue will be a close second.

“Diners from Bellevue who have visited our Seattle location have given us nothing but positive feedback and excitement when we share with them our plans to expand in their neck of the woods.”

A new SEA Crab House restaurant opened in Seattle, Washington, in March 2023.

At that time, Lorwatcharasophon stated: “We plan to make our Seattle location a sports fan haven, featuring a full sports bar, TV’s, and of course our signature seafood boils. SEA Crab House is all about experience.”

The restaurant also has locations in Astoria, Bend, and Beaverton, Oregon.