Technology firm Square has announced the inclusion of new features across its platform, including integration with OpenTable and other restaurant solutions.

The integration of OpenTable and ‘Square for Restaurants’ aims to help restaurants across the globe expedite operations and manage their dining rooms.

The partnership will leverage reservations to maximise revenue while delivering more personalised hospitality.

The payment platform enhanced its ‘Square for Restaurants’ offering with the addition of online ordering site templates, a photo studio, improved shift reports and variable service charges.

The firm stated that the Photo Studio template would support food photography to elevate restaurants’ online menus.

Shift Reports will help managers declare cash tips without clocking out, and the restaurant will be able to add manual and variable service charges that will account for a bag, delivery, or other service fees.

Square has also integrated with Facebook and Instagram to include “Order Food” buttons, and once clicked, it will redirect the user to the Square Online site.

Integration with social media pages is expected to help restaurants boost their sales.

Square CEO Alyssa Henry said: “Square has more than 35 integrated tools, and they’re all designed to help sellers work smarter by automating their operations and creating new revenue streams.

“For the first time, we’re announcing new features across products all at once because our strength lies in the integrated ecosystem of software, hardware, and embedded financial services.”