A new Censuswide study has found that 28% of British customers identify as meat reducers by actively attempting to reduce meat in their diet.

Commissioned by restaurant review platform More Than Carrots, the study analysed over 2,000 UK adults and their dietary preferences and revealed that around 32% of Londoners identified themselves as meat reducers.

Censuswide conducted further analysis with 2,006 UK meat-reducers to understand the motivations behind their choice.

Around 26% of UK meat reducers agreed that they are avoiding meat due to the impact on the carbon footprint, while 15% noted that they are reducing meat to help reduce deforestation.

“Eating less meat is the one action every one of us can take every day and that is 100% in our control.”

In addition, 22% of meat reducers disagree to the fact that restaurants are offering diners better alternative choices for meat, while 73% agreed to have avoided a restaurant due to its lack of non-meat options.

More Than Carrots founder Annette Burgard said: “Eating less meat is the one action every one of us can take every day and that is 100% in our control. However, we have found that people struggle, especially at restaurants.

“To help them, we are providing the first guide that enables diners to directly compare restaurants, and visit the ones that make it easy for them to choose the most appealing veggie option.

“We have compiled this list by using an algorithm to analyse and score restaurant menus reliably and at scale. Our criteria are based on research from third-party studies and our own qualitative analysis of meat reducers’ behaviour. We are starting in London today, but our ambition is to roll out our solution UK-wide.”

More Than Carrots offers a veggie guide for meat-eaters to cater to the needs of UK consumers to eat less meat.