US-based fast-food restaurant company Taco Bell has entered into a partnership with Certona, a Kibo firm with experience in omnichannel personalisation, to personalise menu recommendations and offers for registered users of its mobile app.

The technology from Certona will allow Taco Bell to offer product suggestions based on individual guest preferences, past dining history, restaurant-specific menus and pricing, location and weather.

With the help of its latest machine learning and AI technology, the fast-food restaurant intends to display its customer’s menu items, promotions and content relevant to individual users.

Taco Bell director eCommerce Derrick Chan said: “Taco Bell is all about satisfying our fans with the most craveable dining experience imaginable. Of course, we know each of our fans has their favourites and their own preferences.

“As a forward-looking company, we’re using the latest machine learning and AI technology to better deliver on those individual preferences.

“That’s why we are thrilled to work with Certona and leverage their proven personalisation platform with real-time support to present our fans with the most immediately craveable menu items every time they use our app, reducing the ordering friction and satisfying their appetite.”

The solution will also tailor various menu items and pricing to users based on their location.

Kibo president & chief commerce officer Meyar Sheik said: “Taco Bell’s reputation for driving innovation in the QSR industry is unmatched. We are excited to be a part of their efforts to deliver a frictionless experience to their fans and to help them discover exciting new menu items.

“Certona’s advanced capabilities in personalization, data science and omnichannel experiences enables Taco Bell to create continuously compelling 1:1 interaction with its fans.”

In early 2019, Taco Bell had entered into a collaboration with Certona to provide individualised experiences for its customers through the latter’s app.