Japanese food conglomerate TGAL has entered a strategic partnership with Franklin Junction, a restaurant e-commerce platform, for international development.

Franklin Junction created the host kitchen model, which allows restaurants to increase revenue by producing food for other brands.

The new collaboration will allow renowned brands in Japan to have access to growth in the US through the Franklin Junction host network.

At the same time, restaurants in the TGAL network will become Franklin Junction Host Kitchens, and US-based brands will be able to use them to enter and expand in the Japanese market.

Through the alliance, host kitchens and brand partners in both countries will have the opportunity to optimise their assets and increase revenue through delivery channels.

TGAL CEO and founder Yasuhiro Kono said: “We are pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Franklin Junction. 

“Having a partner like Franklin Junction will allow unprecedented and unrivalled access to innovation and growth of Japanese cuisine in the United States. 

“Our brands will now be able to instantly penetrate underserved markets, it’s an absolute game-changer for both TGAL and Japanese cuisine in America.”

TGAL operates a model that provides host kitchens with multiple brands on a subscription basis.

It has collaborated with more than 1,400 restaurants in Japan and owns more than 120 Japanese concept brands.

The food conglomerate also operates more than 100 multi-brand vertically integrated food halls.

Recently, TGAL opened its first Japanese multi-brand restaurant in New York City.

Franklin Junction CEO and co-founder Rishi Nigam said: “The rapid growth and increased adoption of food delivery is revolutionising the way foodservice concepts expand to new markets and we are honoured to be at the forefront of that innovation by building an international presence for our customers.”