Customer engagement platform for restaurants Thanx has introduced a new service that allows restaurant brands to offer an intuitive, easy to use online ordering experience to their guests.

The new native online ordering service allows restaurants to customise the experience they want to provide to their customers.

Backed by the Thanx platform, the new service adds a customer to the database after they place an order allowing restaurants to access data related to customer spending habits across channels.

It also allows restaurants to reward customers for their purchases made online or in-store, run promotions based on past purchases, and provide personalised digital experiences.

Thanx CEO and founder Zach Goldstein said: “With third-party delivery service providers almost ubiquitous, restaurants are challenged to maintain profitability after high commission fees, and to stay competitive restaurants need a strategy to create an owned channel.

“It’s critical for this channel to represent their brand consistently and create a digital experience that matches the expectations of their customers.

“Most restaurants lack the resources or expertise to build and maintain a modern mobile application with online ordering. Now restaurants finally have the option to drive additional revenue more efficiently through direct delivery.”

“Now restaurants finally have the option to drive additional revenue more efficiently through direct delivery.”

Fast casual Latin food chain Pincho is among the first to implement the new native online ordering service.

Thanx will develop a mobile app for the fast casual chain featuring native ordering capabilities.

It will also support their loyalty programme enabling the restaurant chain to communicate with every customer through a targeted approach.

Pincho app allows customers to place online orders using a single account to activate online ordering and loyalty.

Pincho CEO Jayson Tipp said: “With this implementation, we will offer a more consistent and seamless digital and in-store customer experience.

“Thanx allows us to fully understand the behaviour and preferences of our customers, optimise each communication with them, and reward them for purchasing the food they love.”