National flag carrier Turkish Airlines (THY) has awarded a 15-year contract to Austria-based firm DO & CO to offer catering services.

This contract extends the deal between both the parties held during July last year, when THY terminated its catering services agreement with Singapore-based in-flight catering service provider SATS.

As part of this contract, DO & CO has been offering catering services at a new airport in Istanbul from 29 October 2018.

In a statement, THY said: “As a result of the negotiations to continue our partnership with DO & CO, in THY DO & CO İkram Hizmetleri, which is a subsidiary of our incorporation, it has been decided to sign a catering contract for a duration of 15 years for all domestic, international and charter flights of Turkish Airlines from airports in Turkey.

“Furthermore, the agreement provides for the sale of the hotel in Istanbul from THY DO & CO İkram Hizmetleri to our incorporation.

“The finalisation of these transactions is subject to several conditions precedent, in particular the clearance by the competent competition authorities.”

Turkish Airlines appointed SATS Investments to provide in-flight catering services at the Istanbul airport in October 2017, and extended the deal with a new contract.

Then the airline terminated the extended contract during a board of directors meeting.

DO & CO operates through three business segments including Airline Catering, International Event Catering, and Restaurants, Lounges & Hotel.

It owns 31 locations across 11 countries with more than 11,000 employees working to serve its customers.