Uber Technologies’ awards app Freebird Rides has officially launched in Boston, US to promote ride rewarding to bars and restaurants.

The launch follows several weeks of testing the app in Boston, which has a strong Uber-user population.

Freebird through Uber creates a digital marketing platform to assist restaurants and bar owners to build customer acquisition and loyalty. These businesses will be charged only when a customer pays a tab with a Freebird linked credit card.

The company has partnered with more than 100 local bars and restaurants in the region to reward customers with cash for their transactions, which can be used for food and drink purchases or free rides with Uber.

Freebird Rides CEO Kurt Brendlinger said: “Freebird Rides is actually a conduit to going out, discovering a new place with friends, getting there and back safely and earning cash rewards.

“It’s a win for regular Uber users and a solution for businesses that benefit from a service that drives customers to their door. Giving VIP incentives to consumers that ride responsibly gives us the opportunity to defeat drunk driving.

“We want to make it free and easy for consumers to be safe while enjoying a night out on the town. Freebird provides that solution. We are already thrilled by the initial response to the app by consumers and business owners alike.”

The company has also tested Freebird Rides throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, California last year.