US-based foodservice equipment manufacturer Unified Brands has introduced the Randell Cheeser Station to help pizza restaurants minimise cheese waste.

The product features a scale option that allows pizza makers to measure the correct amount of cheese for each pizza, creating a consistent product.

The Randell Cheeser Station measures 24in in width, 33in in depth and 35in in height.

Randell product manager Dave Rademacher said: “It may not feel like much when it’s only a few shreds of cheese for each pizza, but that waste adds up over time and can hurt profits.

“With the Cheeser Station, pizza operations can rest assured they are minimising cheese waste, one of pizza’s most expensive ingredients.”

The Randell Cheeser Station is equipped with a refrigerated holding bin that can accommodate up to 25lb of cheese. Cheese that does not land on the pizza falls back in this bin instead of landing on the floor or countertop.

The holding bin uses cold-wall conductive cooling to keep the product at a safe temperature.

The Cheeser Station also has a stainless-steel grate to hold the pizza at the time of preparation.

It operates on a R290 compressor system with visible external electronic controls so that the correct settings can be verified quickly.

Unified Brands Strategic Brand Management (Randell and Avtec) senior director Brent Barkley said: “Creating a simple, effective prep process for employees and ensuring a consistent product for customers makes all the difference, particularly for pizza restaurants with multiple locations. The Cheeser Station does just that.”

Unified Brands is owned by Dover Corporation and operates within Dover’s Refrigeration and Food Equipment segment.

The company is based in Conyers, Georgia, and has operations in Michigan and Mississippi.