American quick service hamburger company Wendy’s has introduced a Smart Family of Designs portfolio for franchisees looking to establish new restaurants.

The designs are intended to help differentiate the brand and provide development options to franchisees such as building designs with low footprints, reducing investments and allowing the company to customise specific trade areas.

Wendy’s chief development officer Abigail Pringle said: “We continue to look for ways to make the economics better for new development in high potential markets.

“Additionally, our new restaurant designs enhance our commitments to reduce energy usage across the Wendy’s system. Energy conservation makes good business sense and it reflects the responsibility we have to be a good neighbour.”

“A prototype of the smart design includes an outdoor patio with furniture made from recycled materials.”

Apart from this, the restaurant chain has also launched a Smart 2.0 design to reduce environmental impact and promote energy efficiency while offering $150,000 of savings in development costs.

In collaboration with the US Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge, the Smart 2.0 is aimed at reducing energy usage by 20% in company-owned and operated restaurants by 2025.

A prototype of the smart design includes an outdoor patio with furniture made from recycled materials, and exterior and interior LED lighting to lower energy usage.

The company will equip kitchens with Energy Star certified equipment, such as fryers and HVAC systems fitted with refrigerators and ice cube compressors.

To eliminate interior menu boards, the restaurant chain plans to offer a kiosk-centric ordering process.

Wendy’s Supplier Code of Conduct Programme concentrates on farm animal health and well-being, food safety and food ingredients, human rights and labour practices, environmentally sustainable business practices, and business ethics and integrity.

The company is planning to expand its business in the US by opening more than 600 new restaurants across the globe by 2020.