Global SaaS platform Wix has announced the launch of Dine by Wix, a native mobile app for online food ordering and reservations.

The new app allows customers to order food online and make reservations with any restaurant on the Wix Restaurants platform.

It is the latest release as part of Wix’s native mobile app series and follows the release of its dedicated app for business owners’ customers, Spaces by Wix.

The extension of the platform to mobile is part of the company’s plans to provide a complete operating system to help business owners succeed online.

With the new Dine by Wix app, restaurant owners will have an additional sales channel and the ability to engage seamlessly with customers.

This serves as a foundation for customers to integrate into the Wix Restaurants platform, which includes loyalty programmes, offers, reservations and many other services.

Wix mobile, app market and strategic products senior vice-president Ronny Elkayam said: “By expanding the Wix Restaurant offering to mobile, we’re empowering restaurant owners to get in touch with their customers directly with no middle man, completely commission free.

“Dine by Wix gives restaurants a competitive edge, providing a direct sales channel to customers, ultimately leading to increased loyalty and repeat sales.”

Services in the new Wix mobile app also include direct call options, live chat and automatic reservation reminders, such as calendar invites and SMS texts.

Customers also benefit from other capabilities, including personal order history, persistent login for quick access and saved payment methods.

The company stated that the new app is free of cost for Wix users and customers.

In March, Wix announced the acquisition of SpeedETab, an ordering technology provider based in Miami, US.