US-based restaurant operator Yoshiharu Global is set to launch its new concept called Yoshiharu Ramen & Izakaya, at its La Mirada outlet in California.

The operator, known for Japanese ramen, made a soft launch of the new concept on 7 April and will make a grand opening on 14 April 2023.

Yoshiharu president & CEO and Board chairman James Chae said: “The introduction of a new concept at our La Mirada location showcases our ability to stay on top of current restaurant trends and deliver unmatched authentic Japanese dining experiences that are catered to our customers’ evolving preferences.”

Yoshiharu Ramen & Izakaya will offer a wide array of menu option to its guests including ramen dishes, as well as a brand-new selection of izakaya dishes.

Additionally, the new restaurant will offer alcoholic beverages including Sake, Shochu and Chu-Hi drinks.

Chae added: “We pride ourselves on our capacity to anticipate and fulfil the needs of our growing customer base depending on the location, and we eagerly await feedback on our new menu and beverage selections.

“As we expand our presence throughout Southern California and bring authentic dining experiences to hungry customers, we remain committed to this customised approach.”

Later this month, Yoshiharu plans to open new locations in Corona and Garden Grove as well as several other locations later this year.