US-based catering and snacks provider ZeroCater has expanded its operations with the launch of enterprise catering services to deliver office meals.

Using the enterprise catering solution, the company will connect enterprise-level caterers with its platform to offer meals to companies with 500 or more employees.

The enterprise culinary partners will prepare all meals for the new division using the company’s industrial-sized kitchens.

Meals will be tested to ensure portioning accuracy before delivering them using a temperature-controlled and fully managed delivery fleet.

ZeroCater CEO Ali Sabeti said: “Our goal is to be the single provider for every calorie consumed in an enterprise company’s kitchen.

“Our goal is to be the single provider for every calorie consumed in an enterprise company’s kitchen.”

“We’ve spent the last two years listening to the needs of our largest customers, and with our new enterprise catering solution we are able to deliver the unlimited cuisine and meal variety of our core product but at the scale and consistency large headcount companies demand.”

ZeroCater’s enterprise catering solution features a customised fully managed on-site dining experience developed based on a company’s office layout, headcount, and culture.

The company’s on-site staff will oversee presentation, equipment, replenishment, clean-up and food donation aspects of the meal service.

ZeroCater will also assign a customer success manager to every customer to look after the entire food programme including office catering, snacks and one-off special events.

Established in 2009, the catering firm is using its enterprise culinary partners, white-glove on-site service and food concierge team to offer a range of menu choices to customers.