Concept: American tech startup Blackbird has developed an AI-powered disinformation detection platform that helps users to combat disinformation. It helps organizations to defend against disinformation and improve content safety compliance across various digital platforms. The platform aims to protect the online integrity of organizations.

Nature of Disruption: The platform tracks and analyzes information on social networks and other online platforms. Leveraging AI, the platform combines signals including narrative, network, cohort, manipulation, and deception. Narrative signal includes a conversation that follows the same theme, network signal measures relationships between the concepts and users and concepts they share on social media. Cohort signal includes a campaign of shared beliefs of various online communities. The manipulation signal includes dialogue or propaganda, and the deception signal includes the spread of known disinformation. The platform analyzes the relationship between billions of data points to identify potential threats.

Outlook: People are increasingly becoming dependent on social media for information, disinformation is becoming a threat directly through these platforms. Misinformation acts as a cyberattack on human perception. Blackbird’s AI platform helps organizations respond to disinformation campaigns by gaining insights from real-time communications data. The startup raised $10M in series A funding led by Dorilton Ventures with participation from NetX, Generation Ventures, Trousdale Ventures, StartFast Ventures, and individual angel investors. It intends to use the proceeds to launch new features and capabilities for national security and corporate customers.

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