Concept: American B2B customer data startup CaliberMind has launched a B2B revenue analytics platform for enterprises to analyze their revenue. The platform utilizes AI to help enterprises to connect, analyze, and activate data to attract new customers, increase revenue, and improve the customer experience.

Nature of Disruption: CaliberMind connects several revenue-focused data sources, such as advertisements, web, and customer relationship management (CRM) data, and compiles them together. The platform analyses all of a company’s customers and tries to link them to actions and intent, with the analysis being routed back into CRM systems or marketing automation platforms for campaign targeting. It uses ML and deep data to help revenue operations teams determine which activities and techniques are most effective. The platform also includes workflow and automation tools. CaliberMind normalizes, deduplicates, and unifies data, eventually converting sales leads into contacts automatically. It can demonstrate which sales strategies and channels are the most effective for businesses, as well as which persons and accounts are trending at each point of the buyer’s journey. Over a hundred one-click integrations are supported by the platform. It can update Salesforce in real-time on critical account activity, alert the relevant sales professional via Slack, and re-target buyers with a targeted ad via LinkedIn or Facebook, significantly increasing conversion. Marketers can use CaliberMind to rapidly identify and resolve essential data gaps, establish a 360-degree view of target accounts, optimize campaign audiences, and launch multi-channel campaigns to attract new customers, increase revenue, and improve customer experience.

Outlook: The ability to generate accurate and useful insights is one of the most difficult challenges that organizations face when deploying ML. The huge volume of data sources and platform modifications perplex marketers in particular. CaliberMind tackles this challenge by automating all data engineering effort, such as training, setup, and configuration, allowing marketers to focus on the insights and actions. Its customers include B2B SaaS giants such as Apto, Datavail, Implan, and mParticle to boost leads, pipeline, revenue. The startup has strategic partnerships with major data enrichment providers like Madison Logic, FullContact, Clearbit, KickFire, and Bombora, allowing its customers to merge several data sources while saving time and money on deployment. In March 2022, CaliberMind received $8M in a Series A financing round led by IAG Capital Partners and Lavrock Ventures. It intends to use the money into expanding its technical team, product development, marketing, sales, and customer success operations.

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