Concept: US-based company Cloudentity has launched Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that helps application and security teams to automate and control how information is shared across application programming interfaces (APIs) and data. The platform offers a smart, fast, and automated way to manage authorization policies. It provides Zero Trust API access by externalizing fine-grained authorization, privacy consent, and personal data exchange enforcement at the cloud scale.

Nature of Disruption: For modern applications, the platform provides declarative Identity, authorization, and consent as code. It can speed up development by up to 50% while mitigating privacy, API security, and compliance risks. By removing the reliance between apps and data sources, the platform accelerates and future-proofs development processes. It also aggregates and normalizes identity data from different sources. It performs risk-aware authorizations that consider transaction payloads and API invocation parameters. For current application backends operating on K8s and service meshes, it also offers extensive support for API Gateways, as well as deep integration and service identity. The platform’s unified policy language can be written using JSON, OPA/Rego, or JavaScript. Its consent ledger includes data governance to control data distribution to applications, while smart tokens provide data-level governance. Users can have more control over their PII and how it is shared with fine-grained consent grants. It allows partners to share data and provides multi-level policy administration for administrators, third-party developers, and partners. GraphQL support is included in the platform’s set of API management tools, providing better control over what data is provided in which circumstances. Not only does this integration provide users greater control over each API request, but it also gives them more control over the individual fields.

Outlook: App modernization, enabled by APIs that integrate information between users, systems, and services, is helping companies advance their digital business efforts. This has increased IT complexity while also requiring development teams to meet higher security and privacy requirements. Cloudentity’s cloud-native identity and authorization management solution addresses this issue by reducing deployment time and increasing time-to-value for any enterprise. Developers can save time and get more control over their data all while maintaining API security and governance. The platform enables businesses to provide online services such as Open Banking, and Embedded Finance without changing identity providers or application code, and it can be deployed in minutes. It boasts to simplify access control and data governance across any cloud.

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