Concept: Dubai-based startup Disrupt-X has launched an IoT-based noise monitoring solution to analyze noise effects on human and structural assets’ health. It’s part of Ignite Shield, an Intel market-ready solution that notifies users if noise or temperature levels are very high.

Nature of Disruption: Disrupt-X’s Noise Monitoring Solution uses Sigfox or Lora WAN (wide area network)-based devices to send noise levels to a cloud platform and mobile app regularly. This full-stack IoT solution can be scaled from a single asset to a city level, allowing users to monitor noise levels frequently by displaying noise readings every 15 minutes and sending out alarms if the reading level exceeds the required range. Also, it generates custom reports and leverage AI-based technologies to provide recommendations based on noise assessments. Disrupt-X IoT Platform is hosted over Amazon Web Services (AWS). Customers can purchase equipment through Disrupt-X Marketplace and start to use the plug-and-play solution for effective asset monitoring and management. It also has APIs for 3rd-party integration and white-labeling capabilities, as well as cloud and on-premises hosting alternatives.

Outlook: During recent years, urbanization has resulted in a major rise in environmental noise levels. Because noise pollution impacts millions of individuals, it is critical to keep track of noise levels constantly. People have recognized the need of maintaining health standards and continuously monitor critical aspects that affect the quality of life. With its noise monitoring solution for globally networked communities, Disrupt-X aims to addresses this issue. Ignite Shield also offers chiller monitoring, indoor/outdoor air quality monitoring, water pressure monitoring, swimming pool/spa monitoring, gas/water tanks/water metering, cold storage monitoring, and sewerage monitoring all under one screen. These solutions, which use Sigfox, Lora WAN, and 3G/4G communication modules, can be used everywhere in the world.

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