Concept: India-based risk assessment firm FireCompass has launched an AI-powered platform ‘Continuous Automated Red Teaming’ (CART) to help organizations’ IT security teams to mimic cyber-attacks to identify blind spots and eliminate future hacks. The platform assesses online risk, authorizes the attacks and launchs multiple-stage attacks to identify the patterns and secure sensitive digital assets of enterprises.

Nature of Disruption: CART helps organizations discover threats and test all their assets in real-time without the need for dedicated software, hardware or additional human resource. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform continuously index the deep and surface web using reconnaissance techniques to identify unknown exposed databases, cloud buckets, code leaks, exposed credentials, cloud assets and open ports. The attack engine then launches multi-stage attacks, including network attacks, application attacks and social engineering attacks, on the discovered digital surface to identify attack patterns and paths. The dashboard summarizes the high, medium and low priority risks and then recommends mitigation steps.

Outlook: Enterprises across the globe and industries are vulnerable to cyber threats, and eradicating each attack remains a challenge for security experts. FireCompass has developed a unique AI-driven solution that can mirror real attacks and then launch its own safe attacks to the systems just like a real-attacks to discover tenuous links in the security program, thereby improving the effectiveness the security infrastructure.

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