Concept: Swiss automation company Muller Technology has rolled out the first self-reliant collaborative robot (COBOT) case packer for lids and container-based packaging. The innovation comprises an Omron 6-axis COBOT aimed towards overcoming labor shortages and at the same time bringing about compliance, resilience, and efficiency. It implements feasibility and speedy layover and with a seemingly superior return of investment.

Nature of Disruption: The COBOT functions through a standard Muller Human Machine Interface (HMI) which eliminates the complex coding requirement of the processor and contains a huge database of various stacks and boxes to be packed. It can be bought separately or along with an integrated automation system like Muller’s new M-Line system, an integrated automation manufacturing line for injection molded packaging. Additionally, its advanced diagnostics enable faster troubleshooting along with universal encoders for better accuracy and easy calibration which doesn’t require extra attention of operators on site.

Outlook: Packing jobs can be monotonous and saturating but are very crucial for any organization.  The younger population is not much interested in the likes of manufacturing jobs and that makes it harder for the manufacturers to close the labor force gap. Through this innovation, Muller Technology expects to rectify this gap as the product works concurrently with the worker doing many fundamental tasks. It doesn’t require extra attention because of its in-built security systems. Eventually, the COBOT can enable the assignment of the workforce to more productive divisions of the production line where they can contribute better and there is enough job satisfaction.

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