Concept: Nokia has developed an automatic solution to detect COVID-19 symptoms as part of efforts to protect workers from cross-contamination as they return to work. The monitoring tool can be installed anywhere, including schools, government buildings, public places and office buildings.

Nature of Disruption: The device uses thermal camera and real-time video analytics to determine if a person possesses COVID-19 symptoms. The system detects whether a person has a high temperature or is not wearing a face-mask and instantly alerts supervisors. It can be deployed across various locations and monitored from a central console without the need to position an observer at every check point. The solution provides privacy settings wherein faces can be blurred to comply with regulations. The customized system also allows users to include other features, like predictive surveillance, security threats, and machine maintenance.

Outlook: As employees started to return to work, it has become an uphill task for employers to secure the premises with proactive tools to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus among workers. To eradicate the issue and secure the place from the virus, Nokia developed a digital monitoring tool that can automatically detect if a person has a elevated temperature or not wearing a mask, helping enterprises to establish a safe path for employees who are ready to return to the workplace. Nokia has screened more than 200,000 people in its Chennai-based facility and already deployed the system in its factories and R&D centers.

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