Concept: California’s technology startup Ottonomy has developed the world’s first fully autonomous delivery robot named Ottobot capable of delivering in both indoor and outdoor environments. Ottobot leverages contextual mapping and cutting-edge navigation technologies to enable fully autonomous delivery for retail and restaurant industries. The startup claims that the robot is capable of indoor deliveries, curbside deliveries, and last-mile deliveries.

Nature of Disruption: Ottobot creates a digital map of the serviceable area and localizes within that map. The live location of the robot gets updated on the map while they autonomously navigate to deliver the orders. The robot leverages Ottonomy’s proprietary contextual mobility navigation software to navigate through crowded and unpredictable environments. The robot packs in sensors for situational awareness, which enables it to understand its surroundings and check for threats as it navigates. It is equipped with multiple cabins for transporting different products including food and parcels. Users can manage, control and schedule their Ottobot fleet through Ottonomy’s cloud-based Network Operation Console (NOC), which can be directly integrated with users’ POS software. The startup claims that autonomous delivery robots are highly scalable and flexible, and come with a comprehensive suite of tools for managing a fleet of robots operating across a variety of different geographies.

Outlook: The COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumer shopping behavior across the globe and they prefer a contactless shopping experience. It has also changed the way companies deliver goods to customers. Companies are leveraging robots for last-mile deliveries to ensure a no-contact delivery experience. Ottonomy claims that its Ottobot autonomous robot can be used for indoor deliveries, curbside deliveries, and last-mile deliveries. In December 2021, the startup has partnered with CVG Airport, Cincinnati to use Ottobots for delivering retail and food items at the airport. In December 2021, the startup partnered with Presto to deliver orders using Ottobots.

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