Concept: Sweden-based startup SuperNormal has rolled out an AI-powered asynchronous communication tool to improve remote team engagements. The startup integrating video texting with AI implementations to bring in more engagement and utility functionalities to make day-to-day video conferences intuitive.

Nature of Disruption: The app uses natural language processing to instantly translate content and provide it as text beside the video while also drawing out what it identifies as the three key sentences from a transcript to suggest as caption summaries. Most of the AI system have been developed in-house by the startup to identify the most interesting sentences and have been trained on huge data volumes. Presenters are also let known whenever their team or targeted audience has viewed the video, enabling them to follow up with any relevant communications. Videos can also be embedded into digital assets like websites, and dedicated links can be shared through any app manually. When shared on Twitter, Facebook or Microsoft Teams, the links can be directly viewed on those platforms.

Outlook: Although the market presence Supernormal is nascent, the startup’s implementation of AI to produce transcriptions, summaries and smart alerts makes it look attractive amid the ongoing remote collaborative work environment. Currently, it is working on native apps for Windows desktop and smartphones and one-click editing tools, which helps users to remove pauses or specific words or sentences from transcripts. The team is also exploring additional data reporting and analytics tools for customer-facing roles like sales.

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