Concept: Uber has launched a new service called Uber Green that allows passengers in central London to request an all-electric, zero-emission vehicle rather than a regular fossil-fuelled or hybrid car. The service was launched to help reduce emissions and drive a green recovery to the COVID-19 crisis.

Nature of Disruption: In London, passengers booking within Zone 1 can book Uber Green to any destination. The non-emission taxi works the same way as a regular Uber. Passengers can book Uber Green just like booking an UberX. Uber Green also costs the same as an UberX journey on the app.  Additionally, to encourage more drivers to switch to a fully electric vehicle, Uber offers a 15% reduction in service fees on Uber Green trips. This can help drive the mass market, thereby improving air quality for all citizens of London.

Outlook: After the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, as more cities are beginning to open up, Uber aims to make use of this opportunity to drive a green recovery by launching fully electric cars on the Uber app in London that reduces emissions and keeps the city’s air cleaner. It also encourages riders to take action on climate change. Uber plans to be fully electric by 2025. The mobility company also plans to launch Uber Green in many other US locations by the end of 2021.

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