The ready-to-drink coffee industry benefits not only from the growing popularity of coffee around the world but also from the busy lifestyles of modern consumers, who have less time to spend on beverage preparation.

Demand for quick and hassle-free coffee intake is growing in many areas of life, including business, sports, and travel. Swiss company Cremo answers that trend with its line of RTD coffee drinks, which meets various demands of busy consumers.

Caffe Lattesso comes in a plastics cup that accommodates a patent-pending lid with a recessed centre. The top of the lid is heat-sealed by a lidding membrane with a large pull-tab for opening, additionally secured to the side for improved protection. A drinking aperture is positioned to one side of the lid’s top and opens when the membrane is removed. It is recommended to shake the pack well before opening. In the cavity under the membrane the consumer can find a Virginia-branded Italian amaretti biscuit that serves as a coffee snack.

The modification to the lid, claimed by the manufacturer to be a world-first, allows the consumer to open the cup with a single action of the hand for improved convenience. Thanks to the thin protective foil, the drinking spout and the entire drinking area that touches the lips remain hygienically clean. Consumers are advised to simply pull off the foil and drink the coffee.

A range of varieties such as Sport, Fit, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Espresso, and Black are available on the market, suiting different consumer needs. The addition of a biscuit under the lidding membrane is also unusual and adds value to the product – a rather new experience with takeaway coffee. The product is convenient for on-the-go consumption: the cup fits well in the hand and offers clean dispensing through a narrow spout, without spills. In case it is needed, the twist-off lid can be entirely removed to allow quicker drinking.

The packaging is distinctive among other RTD coffee products thanks to its lidding membrane that peels away easily and offers a higher convenience for consumers. With the addition of a biscuit, it offers a one-stop-shop solution for out-of-home consumption.