McDonald’s has revealed that it recorded 37,241 outlets across 120 countries in 2017, a net store increase of 342 on the previous year.

With 14,038 outlets in the US, McDonald’s domestic market is by a long way it’s biggest, followed by Japan and China.

However, McDonald’s has only opened a net 24 additional stores in the US since 2010, with most of its growth coming from elsewhere in the world.

Countries such as China, Russia, and the Philippines have seen the most new McDonald’s openings over the past seven years.

However, in Japan 408 McDonald’s locations have closed between 2010 and 2017, due to a number of food scandals in 2014 and 2015, which knocked trust in the brand.
Ignoring the Virgin Islands, outlet density is strongest within mature markets, led by the US, Canada, and Australia.

India, on the other hand, stands out as one of the most under-saturated markets for McDonald’s, with just one outlet for every 4,862,550 people in 2017.

Similarly, Africa is currently markedly under-served, with the chain’s presence limited to South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, and Mauritius.

Despite McDonald’s growth over the past year, the brand remains far behind rival Subway in terms of the absolute number of outlets.

Subway currently operates 43,725 outlets across the globe and competes in a number of markets that McDonald’s hasn’t entered, such as Iceland, Jamaica, and Zambia.