In the run-up to summer, online catering marketplace, Caterwings, has compared the cost of ‘favourite’ barbecue meats worldwide, revealing that Switzerland is the most expensive – 142% higher than average – and Ukraine is the cheapest – at 52% lower than average.

The UK meanwhile came in at number 25 – 3% cheaper than the average cost of meat worldwide – behind countries such as Canada, Australia, the US and European countries including France, Italy and Germany.

To work out the affordability of beef, chicken, seafood, pork and lamb around the world, the company-compiled BBQ Food Price Index looked at the top 50 meat producing and consuming countries around the world, and the relative number of hours a person on minimum wage must work to buy each meat.

While the results unsurprisingly revealed that prices vary “massively” from country to country, they also found an “enormous” disparity in the quantities consumed.

Top five most expensive countries:

Switzerland – 142% higher than average cost

Norway +64%

Hong Kong +61%

Israel + 52%

Sweden +48%

Five least expensive:

Ukraine – 52% cheaper than average

Malaysia -50%

India -42%

Brazil – 40%

Egypt – 40%

While Australia has the highest meat consumption at 112% per person, per year; India has the lowest at 4% per person per year.