Food review app Eaten has announced the winners of the first ever Eaten ‘Golden Dishes’ Awards for dishes voted the tastiest food in London.

The app boasts over 50,000 reviews and encourages the public to find, share and discover their best tastes all over the world and enables users to search where to eat whatever food they’re craving.

It ensures the food is rated by ordinary people who really love that specific kind of dish and can say which restaurant serves the best burger as they have tried enough to make an informed decision.

Restaurants serving the specific dishes that garnered the highest taste ratings via the app were given awards and a sticker to place in their windows showing they serve one of London’s Best Dishes.

Eaten co-founder and CEO Timothy Lui said: “As massive foodies ourselves, we at Eaten are super excited about all of the amazing dishes our users have discovered. The Eaten app is a real community of people who seriously love their food – so we know their choices will be top notch.”

Second Eaten co-founder and COO Jeeho Park added: “Eaten is completely different from any other review app- because it is simply all about the food. So atmosphere, location, music, or any other factors are not important – users simply rate how delicious the dish was against others they’ve tried.”