Dadawan restaurant in Maastricht is using robots to serve drinks to customers as the Netherlands eases lockdown restrictions in restaurants.

Currently, the restaurant has three robots named Amy, Aker and James rolling back and forth from the bar at the Asian-fusion restaurant.

The robots have a simple humanoid figure, including arms to hold serving trays. Staff will load drinks onto the trays and press the table number for the order. Customers are required to pick up their own drinks once the robot approaches them with the order.

The robots reduce the number of trips human staff need to make through the restaurant while serving customers.

Currently, Dadawan’s robot-service is limited to drink delivery, but the owner intends to use them for other services as well.

Dadawan representative Paul Seijben said that waiters’ jobs are not threatened by the newcomers.

Seijben said: “Our team is actually really happy with the robots.”

Restaurants were closed in the Netherlands, except for takeout and delivery, from mid-March. Since Monday, restaurants have been allowed to host up to 30 people with a minimum distance of 1.5m between tables.

Diners are required to book tables in advance.

Recently, vegan restaurant and bar Mediamatic ETEN in the Netherlands introduced a safe-dining concept Quarantine Greenhouses.

The idea behind the concept is to seat up groups of up to three people in individual glass ‘greenhouses’ that will provide a safe and novel dining experience.