Food ordering platform Olo and GrubHub, part of Just Eat, have partnered for the integration of digital orders directly into the point-of-sale (POS) of restaurant brand locations.

Under this partnership, all digital orders made through the Grubhub website or app will now be directly added to the POS of restaurant locations through the Olo Rails solution.

Grubhub Restaurants senior vice-president Kevin Kearns said: “Our longstanding priority at Grubhub is to serve restaurants, and we’re constantly looking for ways to make it easier for restaurant brands to partner with us and better fit online ordering into their operations.

“By teaming up with Olo, our restaurant partners can now use Rails to provide a reliable and streamlined behind-the-counter process for restaurant team members, while also ensuring order accuracy and a great experience for diners.”

The Olo Rails solution helps restaurant brands publish their menus, location information and prices on participating third-party marketplaces.

It has been designed to simplify workflows, manage orders in several places and drive incremental sales.

The solution aims to improve the operational efficiencies for restaurant operators as digital orders are placed directly into the order stream at the restaurant to improve accuracy.

Olo Rails vice-president and general manager Andrea Coe said: “Restaurants have experienced an influx of digital and delivery orders like we’ve never seen before given current industry tailwinds accelerated by the necessity for safety and convenience over the last year.

“We’re proud to welcome Grubhub to our growing network of marketplace partners and know the ability to have digital orders from the Grubhub platform directly enter into our restaurant customers’ POS, in addition to ensuring consistent menu display for consumers, will greatly benefit them operationally and financially.”

Last month, TSD Global’s restaurant division OrderSolutions partnered with Olo to help restaurants grow their takeout business.