JD Wetherspoon announced that it has “cancelled its contract with (supplier) Russell Hume” following the company’s meat scandal breakout this week.

It will also reintroduce sirloin, rump and gammon steak to its 900 pubs across the UK and Republic of Ireland next Tuesday (30 January), having removed them this week due to Russell Hume’s “serious non-compliance with food-hygiene regulations,” the Food Standards Agency (FSA) found.

Chairman Tim Martin said: “Firstly we wish to apologise to our customers for the inconvenience caused. However, our decision to stop serving steak from Tuesday (23 January), despite limited information from the supplier, was the correct one.

“Steak is one of the most popular dishes on our menu, and we serve around 200,000 per week on average – about half of which are sold on our extremely popular Tuesday Night Steak Club.

“We have now sourced alternative suppliers and our pub staff are once again looking forward to serving steak dishes from Tuesday 30 January onwards.

“On Wednesday, the FSA reported that they were thoroughly investigating Russell Hume Ltd, but also stressed that there was no indication that people had become ill from eating meat supplied by them. We will continue to monitor the situation.”