Canada-based ghost kitchens operator JustKitchen has signed a royalty-based virtual kitchen services agreement with India-based Cloud Retail Solutions.

The agreement marks JustKitchen’s entry into the Indian market, where the company will offer its food brands for delivery.

As part of the agreement, Cloud Retail Solutions, which does business as Kitchens Centre, will be responsible for all services related to order intake and fulfilment. This includes food preparation, packaging and associated support for order pick-up by third-party delivery services.

Meanwhile, JustKitchen will be entitled to a percentage of net receipts on all orders.

The Canadian ghost kitchens operator will also offer training to Kitchens Centre’s personnel, provide access to its manual and portal, conduct inspections, and support the launch of a mutually agreed marketing strategy.

JustKitchen co-founder and CEO Jason Chen said: “We are excited to enter the large Indian market, which is yet another new market for JustKitchen in 2022.

“Expanding our footprint across Asia and deploying our tasty proprietary menus plus third-party brands to new customers, in a scalable and asset-lite model, continues to be at the core of our competitive strategy.

“And Kitchens Centre’s innovative business model makes our collaboration very exciting to … expedite our growth.”

Kitchens Centre is one of the largest co-shared kitchen space providers in India. It works with around 350 brands and has more than 1,000 kitchens in 80 locations across 25 cities.

Apart from India, JustKitchen currently operates in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines and has plans to further expand its operations in Asia.

In April, the company entered the Singapore market by opening two ghost kitchens.