Canada-based ghost kitchens operator JustKitchen plans to launch a business-to-business pilot programme providing contactless smart delivery of food in partnership with Panasonic Taiwan.

JustKitchen will use its JKOS platform to provide a white-label food ordering portal for up to 500 employees at Panasonic’s Taiwan headquarters, allowing them to have branded meals delivered daily.

JustKitchen co-founder and CEO Jason Chen said: “This pilot programme with Panasonic Taiwan is yet another opportunity for JustKitchen to demonstrate the effectiveness of its business model on a technology-enabled B2B basis, as a complement to our core business of fulfilling retail orders from our network of ghost kitchens.”

In order to ensure contactless food delivery, JustKitchen will use technology-enabled smart lockers.

The temperature-controlled smart lockers are claimed to have been designed to hold packaged food items securely for longer periods.

Panasonic employees will receive a notification following the delivery of food products, which can be retrieved from the smart lockers using unique QR codes.

Delivery drivers will also receive the locker information necessary for depositing orders through the JKOS platform.

If the pilot programme is successful, JustKitchen plans to expand the technology to other Panasonic office locations.

Chen added: “Expanding our B2B business line is differentiating our company beyond simply being a ghost kitchen operator. The JKOS platform that we have developed is proving itself to be very flexible and valuable to third parties.”

Last month, JustKitchen signed a commercial agreement with President Chain Store Corporation to create fresh meals for 7-Eleven convenience stores in Taiwan.