Canada-based ghost kitchens operator JustKitchen has signed a commercial arrangement with Uber Eats Mart (Uber Mart) in Taiwan to become its exclusive fresh meal provider.

Owned by Uber Eats, Uber Mart currently operates five delivery-only locations, which provide services to 90% of the people living in the combined cities of Taipei and New Taipei.

Initially, JustKitchen intends to start its operations from the Uber Mart located in the centre of Taipei. The company plans to eventually operate from other Uber Mart locations as well.

JustKitchen co-founder and CEO Jason Chen said: “The arrangement with Uber Mart is a great opportunity for JustKitchen to work with part of a business and brand that is known worldwide for delivering food to a large number of consumers on a daily basis.

“Establishing this relationship and adding it to our proven track record of working well with global businesses is a significant achievement for our commercial team.”

As part of the collaboration, JustKitchen will provide Uber Mart with six different fresh-made sandwiches on a daily basis, with an aim to supply more cold and lightly cooked food items in due course.

Going forward, Uber Mart plans to open its sixth delivery-only location in Taiwan, while JustKitchen anticipates launching initiatives under the arrangement with Uber Mart and expanding it in the future.

JustKitchen has also secured product placements for its delivery-only food brands on the upcoming season of the Taiwanese reality show All-Star Sports Day, a television programme where local celebrities compete in athletic competitions.

Chen added: “We are also excited that JustKitchen will get a new and different kind of exposure for its delivery-only food on reality TV.

“We expect that the product placements will resonate well with people and will encourage them to become regular customers of JustKitchen’s wide range of both proprietary and partner menus.”

Earlier this month, JustKitchen reached a preferred partner agreement to licence up to 20 existing locations from a dark kitchen operator in the APAC region.