Food retail and restaurant company KellyDeli has introduced digital ordering for its brand concept Sushi Daily in the UK.

The launch, which was announced by online technology provider Preoday, is part of Sushi Daily’s expansion strategy across Europe.

Preoday CEO Nick Hucker said: “In a city with a multitude of food offerings, Sushi Daily’s excellent customer experience will help it stand out to Oxford Street customers. The convenience of digital ordering just adds to this.”

Sushi Daily offers fresh sushi boxes, as well as specialist drinks, asian snacks and cooking ingredients. The sushi kiosk business operates in over 800 outlets in ten countries.

The company seeks to bring quality ingredients and expert sushi preparation to London.

KellyDeli Business & International Development director Ilan Grunfeld said: “We look forward to opening our flagship site in the UK. We are excited about bringing our fresh and skilfully handmade sushi to British customers.”

In June this year, restaurant company KellyDeli launched digital ordering for Sushi Daily for customers in Belgium. Customers are already using the Sushi Daily Belgium mobile app to pick food from Gare du Nord in Brussels, Belgium.

Last year, London-based Japanese restaurant group K10 launched its own Preoday-powered online ordering service.

Earlier this month, Preoday and Scotland-based New York-style pizza chain NY Slice partnered to launch in-house digital ordering service.