Lion Sauces has prepared an insight paper to help food businesses to keep right up-to-date with the hottest food trends.

The paper, Flavour Forecast: Going Global, is the first in a series of research pieces delving into consumer behaviour and offering suggestions that will keep menus ahead of the curve.

Sarah Moor, brand manager for Lion Sauces, says the insight papers have been developed to help businesses overcome the minefield of deciding which cuisines to focus on in an era of increasing choice.

She commented: “The UK palate has diversified like never before thanks to globally-inspired trends driving a desire to try something new. Menus are more international than ever as diners want to be in control of what they eat and when.

“Food has become an integral part of how we express our identity. We want to help potential customers stay ahead of the crowd and anticipate consumer demand for a world of choice. From the latest ideas on rebooting your BBQ, to street food themes and suggestions for sharing platters, our insight paper gives chefs and caterers the lowdown on the latest cuisine trends.”

Future insight papers will explore a number of themes, including the rise of veganism and plant-based cuisine, as customers increasingly lean towards ethical consumption and responsibility toward the planet.

Emerging trend hotspots

Middle Eastern
Korean and Japanese
South-East Asian

92% of food industry leaders believe global cuisines will grow the fastest over the next 3-5 years, with a focus on the above cuisines (MCA).

Also on the horizon:

– West African
– Contemporary Indian and Chinese
– Venezuelan
– Portuguese

Street food

While Middle Eastern and Asian foods endure on street food menus, specific South American cuisines are on the rise: particularly Argentinian, Peruvian and Brazilian.

BBQ reboot

A trend towards lower meat consumption means BBQ concepts have to differentiate to stand out and remain relevant. This means exploring vegan and vegetarian foods, from jackfruit and beans to tofu, tempeh and seitan.

Ben Bartlett, celebrity chef and brand ambassador for Lion sauces, added: “Offering a wide variety of global cuisines would have been a real headache some years ago. The choice was to specialise in one type, or offer a range but run the risk of not quite getting it right.

“Today, it’s much simpler to meet customer demand with ready-made sauces that have been specifically developed to recreate the authentic tastes and aromas of global cuisines.”