McDonald’s is planning to expand the test of its plant-based burger, the McPlant, to nearly 600 restaurant locations in the US.

The McPlant burger was created by McDonald’s in partnership with the vegan company Beyond Meat.

Beginning from 14 February, the McPlant burger will be rolled out across participating restaurants in the Californian San Francisco Bay area and Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas.

Customers in these two markets will be able to buy the burger for a limited period, as long as supplies last.

Last November, McDonald’s tested the McPlant burger across eight restaurants in Texas, Iowa, Louisiana and California.

In its latest statement, McDonald’s said: “McDonald’s USA is expanding the test to select restaurants in your area to help us understand customer demand.”

The burger features a vegetarian patty that McDonald’s co-developed with Beyond Meat.

Beyond Meat struck a deal with McDonald’s for the burger’s development in 2021.

The patty is made with plant-based ingredients, including peas, rice and potatoes.

McDonald’s has 14,000 restaurants in the US.

Earlier this month, McDonald’s launched the McPlant burger in the UK and Ireland (UK&I).

Prior to the launch, McDonald’s UK&I trialled the plant-based burger at more than 250 restaurants in 2021.

Rival Burger King, which is owned by Restaurant Brands International, added the plant-based Impossible Whopper to its menu more than two years ago.