Paytronix Systems has launched a new module called FEEDback to help restaurant managers measure and mediate interactions with guests who place orders online.

FEEDback is an easily activated component of the Paytronix Order & Delivery module and helps store managers identify guests who are not happy with online ordering.

The store manager can also intervene quickly and ensure reorders.

Paytronix Order & Delivery head Tim Ridgely said: “With FEEDback, it takes seconds to reach out to and recover a disappointed customer who may not visit again.

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“The brand captured not just one additional order but years of additional lifetime value. As we help restaurants recover thousands of guests, it has become clear that this guest engagement solution can benefit every restaurant we work with.”

Fully integrated with the loyalty, CRM, and Stored Value components of the Paytronix Rewards platform, Paytronix Order & Delivery offers a better solution to brands.

Once a take-out or delivery order is placed, FEEDback automatically sends out a survey within a couple of hours and guests are required to rate their experience on a scale of one to five.

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A store manager will receive the results immediately through email and can respond accordingly.

The Paytronix Order and Delivery module employs the latest cloud technology and enables quick processing of digital orders.

It features an easy-to-use guest ordering interface, digital ordering management tools and POS integrations.

In August, Paytronix Systems completed the acquisition of Open Dining, a food ordering platform for small-to-medium-sized restaurants, and rebranded Open Dining as Paytronix Order & Delivery.