Oriental-inspired, British restaurant chain Chopstix has created and filled a new global head of franchise post as it looks to expand the business overseas.

Former chief operating officer Max Hilton Jenvey has left the position he had held with the group since joining in 2013 to take up the new role with immediate effect.

Former chief operating officer Max Hilton Jenveyl’ role in the company’s expansion from 24 food outlets in 2015 to its current total of 75.

“As a brand, Chopstix has come an immensely long way in a relatively short time, because it is a well-organised and managed business with a clearly defined long term strategy,” said Jenvey.

“Developing the brand internationally has always been an objective, so now that Chopstix is thriving in the UK, the time is right to embark upon the next phase of our growth.

“Given the undoubted global appeal of Oriental food, we hope to be announcing new relationships with international partners for Chopstix in the near future.”

The noodle bar operator, founded in 2001 by Sam Elia and Menashe Sadik, acquired nine-strong Chinese cuisine restaurant chain Yangtze for an undisclosed sum last month.

The Metro Bank-backed deal means the company is now active in 35 UK shopping and retail hubs.

Sadik said: “Max is to be credited for the vital role he has played in the UK growth of the Chopstix brand.

“Over the course of the past year, however, he has been actively working with us on our international strategy and has already generated an enormous amount of interest from international operators.

“We are delighted that he has accepted what is a crucial new role within the business and have no doubt he will assist us in achieving our international ambitions.”