American restaurant chain TGI Friday’s has introduced its new ribs menu across UK restaurants this month.

Toffee apple ribs

Chargrilled and covered in toffee apple sauce, the ribs are served with mini toffee apples, corn on the cob, and a choice of crispy fries or sweet and salted popcorn.

Hot and spicy ribs

Dusted in chilli seasoning, chargrilled, and topped with fresh red chillies, they are then served with hot and spicy sauce, corn on the cob and spicy fries.

Ultimate Golden Gate ribs

Chargrilled and topped with a mustard BBQ sauce, these ribs are served with corn on the cob, apple slaw and a choice of crispy fries or sweet and salted popcorn.

Terry McDowell, head of food and drink at TGI Fridays, said: “Fridays is all about fun food, and that’s exactly what the new ‘ribs by the masters’ collection serves up for guests.

“On a recent trip to America, the big, bold flavours they pair with their ribs inspired me, and I wanted to bring some of that personality and taste to Fridays fans across the UK with these new dishes.”

The new menu will be served alongside the chain’s staple menu, including its classic ribs, ‘ultimate Jack Daniels double glazed ribs’, and ‘Fridays Ribs.’