Which Wich Superior Sandwiches, the multi award winning US sandwich brand, is opening in Central St Giles, London this week.

Which Wich offers many varieties of customisable, “wiches,”. As well as hot sandwiches guests can order any of its range of sandwiches as a salad, LettuceWich or spinach tortilla wrap.

Which Wich is known for its creative ordering system. Guests can use red Sharpies to markup pre-printed menus on sandwich bags. They select a sandwich from one of 10 categories, then choose the bread, cheese, spreads, and toppings. The sandwiches are prepared to guests’ exact specifications, toasted to perfection, and delivered in the now-personalised sandwich bags. Customers can also enjoy hand-dipped shakes, signature house chips, and just-out-of-the-oven cookies.

Which Wich has opened in over 500 locations, in 10 different countries and has received industry accolades and local recognition in nearly every market it serves. The brand launched in 2007.

UK MD Rami Awada said: “We are incredibly excited for our UK launch to give Londoners a hot, super tasty and curated experience, as opposed to the same old grab and go baguettes available all over the city! As a sandwich nation we hope to answer Londoners’ cravings for every foodie personality. Which Wich® is all about spreading and promoting a philosophy and atmosphere of fun, positivity and a passionate ‘Vibe’.”

Entrepreneur Jeff Sinelli and Rami Awada officially open the Which Wich Superior Sandwiches on Wednesday 28th January at 5pm, in the St Giles Plaza, Central St Giles, near New Oxford Street and TCR London Underground.