American fast-casual brand Wing Zone has partnered with Miso Robotics  to include Miso’s Flippy 2 in all its future restaurant builds.

The partnership between the two companies follows Wing Zone’s announcement of its Wing Zone Labs franchisee, which was created to support the brand’s innovation efforts.

Wing Zone Labs will be installing Flippy to automate back-of-house fry stations across Wing Zone’s upcoming 20 locations in Southern California, US.

Wing Zone chief development and operating officer David Bloom said: “With over 100 new shops in our current development pipeline, our technology roadmap relies heavily on strategic partnerships with companies such as Miso, a pioneer in the field of food automation, that has the knowledge, data and resources to design robotics solutions that maximise our efficiency and provide a better overall customer experience.

“Our industry is in dire need of automation, and we are more than ready to deploy it at scale to continue growing our business.”

Wing Zone aims to deploy Flippy to handle the frying station for chicken wings and other fried menu items.

Wing Zone is said to be the world’s first fast-casual brand to spec food robotics into its operations at this level.

Miso Robotics CEO Mike Bell said: “We couldn’t be more excited to announce a truly groundbreaking partnership with Wing Zone to incorporate back-of-house automation into all of its future restaurants from this point forward.

“No other brand has accepted automation to this degree, and we don’t take their trust in us lightly. We want to establish Wing Zone as the franchise of the future, and this is just the first step in doing so.”

Last month, Jack in the Box partnered with Miso Robotics to test two of Miso’s robot products, namely Sippy and Flippy 2, at its restaurant in San Diego, California.