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US-based fast-food chain McDonald’s has re-opened its restaurants in Kyiv, Ukraine, for the first time since the Russian invasion, which started in February.

Initially, the American chain was only offering delivery services, however many customers were standing outside the restaurants to collect their orders from the motorcycle couriers, Reuters reported.

Last month, McDonald’s unveiled its plan to re-open its restaurants in Ukraine.

The restaurant company planned to start by opening its stores in the Ukrainian capital city as well as areas of western Ukraine that are deemed to be safe.

Going forward, McDonald’s plans to re-open more outlets across Kyiv and in western Ukraine. The company will also offer dine-in options for its guests from next month, according to the news agency.

With the re-opening of the restaurant outlets, demand for the food delivery app Glovo is said to have increased.

During the initial days of the war, Glovo partially opened its platform in order to provide essential services across 20 cities in Ukraine.

The re-opening of the company’s restaurants in Kyiv is in contrast to the closure of the McDonald’s business in Russia as a response to the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

In May, McDonald’s decided to divest its Russian business to Alexander Govor, who had been its licensee in the country since 2015.

According to the agreement, Govor would purchase the entire restaurant portfolio and operate it under a new brand.

He also agreed to retain the fast-food company’s staff on equivalent terms for at least two years.